Fatty 2 Fitty



Bye Bye Muffin Tops and Bingo Wings!!


If you're like many folks you've probably tried a few diets, supplements and other potions to help you lose weight...The vast majority will work, at least initially, but may leave you feeling out of sorts and worse still out of pocket!! When it comes to the fitness industry, and in particular, the diet industry, it is beset by charlatans, snake oil salesmen and under qualified peddlars of multi level marketing bullshit that plain doesn't work!! No wonder people are paralysed by the wealth of information on offer, and it's often where people get confused and spend fortunes on products that aren't good for them or they don't need in most cases...
Moreover, some of what they ingest is so nutritionally unsound, they'd be better eating the packaging it comes in...


So what am I proposing? A different way forward...I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy and I'm not going to high five you along the way... You need Richard Symons or Mr Motivator for that!!

It'll be hard at times! Really hard!

If it was easy, everyone would look awesome!!

Fact is, it isn't easy!! The approach however really is... The approach is simple in its brilliance (even if I do say so myself ;-))


I offer no magic pills, no short cuts - you'll feel great in short order but you'll need to make it a lifestyle choice... This plan will be great if you have an event to get to fairly soon, like a holiday, a work party, or any kind of social function where you don't want to be a bloater, for instance, a school reunion!!!
Anyways, whatever you have planned this programme will help you look great and feel great but it won't do the work for you!!!
It isn't standing on a vibrating platform and jiggling your wobbly bits, hoping they'll disappear by some magical osmosis!!  
It isn't consuming weird "herbal" remedies based on pseaudo-scientific bollocks that someone put forward and paid other experts to say!!
What it is however is a guide to making the right choices, telling you how to get fitter, LESS fat, LESS bloated, and have MORE energy!!
So if that doesn't sound like it's for you, then that's cool, it probably isn't - you can leave the page and go back to what you've been trying with your friend who has passed you into multi-level marketing schemes etc, with no hard feelings from me... I'd simply wish you all the best...
BUT if you're still here....
Here's the bonus bit - all of this while looking great in the buff!!!
No more skinny fat, emaciated marathon runner look (it really isn't a good look folks)
More muscle tone (cue looking great in clothes and out of them ;-))
More energy
More health
More vitality
LESS fat
LESS wobbly bits

Check out what Hannah had to say:
"The Fatty to Fitty Fortnight is the only nutrition and exercise plan that I have managed to follow and successfully lose a significant amount of weight, and not felt like I have starved myself. I have never felt fitter, stronger or looked leaner, it is very easy to follow and it works!" That was writtne by Hannah from her holiday in Spain - while wearing a bikini for the first time in years!! I shit you not!!

Hannah side before













Hannah side after













Check this statement out from Michael:
"Before the plan I was beginning to feel like I hit a brick wall and found it hard to meet my goal of fat loss and strength gains. After starting the programme, about 4-5 days in I felt re-energised and just better all round. At the end my energy and vitality increased ten fold. I felt I could do anything. I slept better, my mind was clearer, and I looked to be in much better shape. Ultimately, I feel stronger, healthier, and more peaceful within myself... Thanks Barry"

Michael Eccles front before and after













If this feels like something you can get into, and remember it's only a fortnight, then click on the button below to grab yourself a copy...! And take the next step towards looking and feeling fantastic!!

So how much is it? Well for the two PDF manuals that are instantly downloadable, you are not looking at £96!!

You aren't looking at £76!!

All you'll pay is £46

That's right only £46 for two books that even in isolation will change and enhance your life!!! But you're getting two manuals so you can ATTACK your fat loss journey!!!

If it's not for you then feel free to tune out and wait til next Summer to buy bigger sizes again...


Grab this opportunity with both hands folks!! Pretty soon the price will go up as there'll be a DVD package coming along soon too then you'll have missed out on the chance to get in at this early stage!!!



Train Hard Fight Easy And Win DVD

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Why train like a body builder if you're a fighter?
If you've been searching for an edge over your competition-
Crushing strength for crippling holds!
Explosive power to blast through your opposition!
Full body endurance that will NOT quit!
Knockout power to rival any heavyweight champion!
A powerful guard to fight hard from your back!
Takedown power to drive your opponent through the cage! 
This was the DVD that started it all!! The Grapplefit Revolution!! 
When I started training people outdoors in the fresh air throwing tyre around, flipping them, swinging hammers and dragging sleds!! 
All while other outdoor "Gurus" were banging on about burpees, I was extolling the benefits of burpee clean and press with kegs and sandbags!! 

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No - I didn't invent it - but I took it further... 
I upgraded it! Enhanced it!! And in turn enhnaced and upgraded my fighters!! 
You will learn to use: Sandbags, Kettlebells, Sleds, Sledgehammers,Resistance bands, Grapple dummies, Bodyweight, and much more in an effort to unleash your inner beast!! I'm not using the term "Beast Mode" as it is too tired now from being over used by "Ken and Barbie" type trainers in the fitness industry - but you will unlock your inner animal and go berserk!! 
Click the link to see where it all began and how you can blast any opposition out of the water!!! 

T Shirts


The Winning Edge DVD

winningI want to share with you some information that will take your strength, power and endurance to the next level....
This is the same information that has gained me Black Belts in Kung Fu and Judo, a national trophy in Sambo wrestling...
This is the same information that has seen me coach and train other judo players, prize winning fighters, mixed martial artists and kick boxers to name a few of the sports where competitive athletes have benefited...
This is the same information that others pay me over £100 a month to gain access to and you can receive for just pennies on the pound...
But this is not about me...
This is about you – and how you want to train, how much progress you want to make and how far you want to get!
I am prepared to share with you the tools – but you have to step up to the mark and take advantage of them!
Let me introduce you to...
The Grapplefit “The Winning Edge” DVD
On this DVD I am going to show you how to take your conditioning to the next level!!!
With this DVD you WILL see noticeable differences to your fitness, strength, stamina and endurance in just a matter of days. In fact, I personally guarantee that if you apply these training routines to your normal training sessions you will see results almost immediately…
Of course, any one section from this DVD will improve your game and by implementing the ideas and exercise strategies found in them you will reap the benefit – but for the serious amongst you the power of these three programs combined will help take you to the top of your game.
I will cover power, strength and endurance building separately in the DVD and by following whichever routine you choose you will see the changes - but the combined power of all three will turn you into an almost unstoppable force!!!
If I were going to put a price tag on the value of what you'll receive from following the exercises and information in this DVD – I wouldn’t know where to start! How much money have you wasted in the past on exercise equipment that fails to hit the spot? On gym memberships you never use – unless you want a coffee and a chat? 
On this DVD, for less than half the price that some are paying me per session, you will get kick-butt workouts that you can do in minutes – and be finished!!
But first I must warn you…
If you've been searching for a “Holy Grail” of fitness techniques, the “Book of Thoth” (and if that doesn’t get you Googling nothing will) then you may well have found it here!
If you want to discover something that will give you an advanced level of power, endurance and strength then look no further! 
If you are looking for someone to do the work for you, for something that can bring you to a level of peak performance without you even needing to do something – then keep looking!
It’s vital that you understand this folks – all the stuff in your kit bag is useless if you don't bring the intensity!!!
Without it you'll never progress.
But, what I can promise you if you are willing to take up the challenge is the following:
Unlike other exercise programmes (and other trainers and coaches) where they want you to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular work per day, followed by a weekly swim and then the obligatory 6.00 a.m. run in order to improve your fitness and get results, conditioning the “Grapplefit” way is completely different....
On this DVD I am going to share with you how in just 15 minutes or thereabouts you can achieve the peak of physical conditioning! That's right 15 minutes is all it takes to fine tune your physical prowess, hone your athletic abilities to become an unstoppable, unrelenting powerhouse of conditioned, muscle...
Unless of course you are a complete couch potato whose lardy arse is Velcroed to the seat...
In which case it will take about 20-25 minutes three times a week!!!!
Who says a workout has to be an hour?
If you know anything about me then you'll understand I'm all for efficiency and speed and getting workouts done! Bring the intensity or go home! But even regular folks can gain fitness in the house or yard – there is absolutely no need for expensive gimmicks and fitness fads!
Just one great DVD to show you the way…
In this DVD I am going to cover a circuit that will blast your fitness through the stratosphere whilst cranking up your power and endurance, honing you to the maximum for your next fight or just to plain work your total body…
Neatly condensed into a punishing 15 minute routine I am going to take you through (and show you variations!) on: 
Squats and Lunges (including some infamous Jump lunges and squats) to blast those legs! 
Medicine Ball Push-ups and some agonising Pull-ups and Resistance band arm drags thrown in to work the upper body.
Resistance band “ground and pound” and Combination sprawls - for perfecting your fight condition movements
All of it rounded off with a nice killer finale!!!
This is an amazingly punishing routine that you may have to build up to – but rest assured you finish a few of these each week and your fitness will power you through anything!!!
Moving on to the strength phase and I will show you how to pack both fit and functional muscle onto your entire body – strengthening the parts other exercise fails to reach! I am going to show you a system that can virtually double, treble or quadruple your stamina and conditioning in a matter of weeks… 
You will be able to take these exercises and use them anywhere, home, street, parks or the gym (if you don't mind being gawked at by steroid abusers as they bicep curl over the inclined bench – and if you don't mind being sneered at as you pack up and leave after 20 minutes your workout done, dusted and finished!).
This portion of the DVD will show you how to double your usable strength in record time whilst maintaining flexibility and staying injury free. In this part of the DVD, I am going to show how with a few basic weights you can maximise your power with an awesome circuit that will leave your opponent for dead…
This is going to be a no-nonsense 3-5 round continuous punisher that will take you to the top of your game. Included here I will show you how with just a few simple weights you can take your game to the next level in the comfort of your own home (now I not suggesting you stay in and not venture out whilst trying this routine but if you did you would have to leave the house sideways through the door as your shoulders will be that wide!).
Again, there is another warning that I must give you before you buy this DVD and if you are serious about your training…
The combination of exercises that I will cover will not only build muscle fast but it will also retain flexibility as these exercises are paired and designed to work synergistically which will be a problem if you want to become some sort of muscle bound freak – but if you want to remain supple and injury free then this may be the workout for you…
Included here are variations on the following:
Keg Squats
Kettle Bell Squats
Zercher Squats
Floor Press
Rope Pullups
Ring dips
Kettle Bell Crush Curls
Keg Clean and Press
Before I carry on I want to give a little word to all you fighters out there…
Fighters need local muscular endurance and an extreme tolerance to the hydrogen build-up formerly known as lactic acid. So all the “roadwork” in the world won't help. If your arms feel heavy and your legs are like a new-born giraffe, then you won't be winning anything despite having built a great aerobic base with distance runs!
In fact, the one thing that really gets me is that coaches still believe roadwork will condition their fighters and build endurance when all they are really doing is decreasing explosiveness, producing one-paced fighters and damaging their joints…
The exercises and exercise plans that I am prepared to show you will work your full body metabolism and are the way forward not only for fighters but anyone else that wants explosive condition and endurance! My routines will force you to work your whole body hard – I don’t just hit groups of muscles, I attack every one of them…
So that is it in a nutshell…
This DVD contains the knowledge that has taken countless hundreds further than they originally thought possible - will you be one of the next elite?
Just remember…
Life ain’t no shampoo advert – you are worth it…
To make it easier for the next 1 week only this DVD is going to be on sale and after that the price is going to rise to its normal (and for the amount of information these discs hold) still too cheap price!!!
You just need to ask yourself “How far do I want to get with my training and conditioning?” and decide what to do next...
On offer is one fantastic training DVD containing all I have described above, PROFESSIONALLY FILMED and EDITED with almost an hour of expert instruction and demonstration for only £25 including the postage and packaging – so it doesn’t even cost you a stamp!!! 
Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!
Not only will I give you a no holds barred insight into periodization, training and general all round awesomeness on this once in a life-time DVD (it may be difficult to get the fighter’s help again after what I put them through during the 18 hours of filming in order to distil it down into this hour of intense footage) but I will also include printed programmes of the routines so that you have them there in front of you to follow through with on the DVD and to take them with you as you actually incorporate them into your training!!! 
I will even give you the system sheets so that you can devise your own training programmes using the techniques and ideas you have learnt… I want to “teach you how to fish” so that you can develop on your own! I don’t want to “give you fish” and spoon feed you every step of the way – that is not how I work and it shouldn’t be what you want either!!!
I will even throw in a limited edition Grapplefit pen – so that you can record your own progress using what you have discovered in The Winning Edge DVD. These pens are unique one of a kind and just by owning one of these means you can look like a true fitness expert even outside of the gym!!!!