New Year - New You??

Overhead throwWell how is it going folks? You well into your New Year resolutions? Or have you falle by the wayside?

The ladies I train are dying to lose inches, weight and fat and the gents are trying to pull in their guts and add inches to their arms!!!

Bearing in mind that most of the men I train are combat athletes I find this bizarre! But it just goes to make an interesting point, we all like to look good and be noticed by people.

Boys wanna be jacked!! Girls wanna be fit and slinky!!!

And this month will have seen gym memberships rocket… And then plummet by February or March when the novelty wears off and folks realise they won’t look like Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt in Fight Club!! It takes hard work and effort. Not just in the gym but at home, in restaurants, cafes and any other social gathering you can think of… Abs are made in the kitchen people not the gym!!

I’m sorry to say it but you can’t out train or out run a bad diet. It’s that simple!!

Get yourself a plan and stick to it!!

So what will you do? Will you fall at the January hurdle or will you make some sound choices and keep a routine going over the months and grab yourself some semblance of a waistline?

No one in their right mind ever behaves like a monk over the festive period, but you still need to be “busy” especially if you’re a professional. But even if you’re not, it’s a good idea to keep training and make it a habit in order to offset any “damage” incurred by falling off the wagon...

Farmers walk – 50m or trips around your gym to the equivalent
Sandbag squats – 10 reps
Floor press – 10 reps
Thick bar bent over rows – 10 reps
Sledgehammer slams – 10 each way

Repeat the above for a total of 5-6 rounds – resting only 60 seconds between rounds. Move from one movement to the next as quickly as you can.

Or you can try this one if you’re pressed for time:

Kettlebell swings – 10 reps
Hang clean – 10 reps
Ring cat dips – 8 reps
Pull-ups – 8 reps
Sled push – 50m AFAP (As fast as possible)

On this one set a timer for 15 mins, and try to get as many sets as possible in that time frame. This is a density block style of workout so rest comes ONLY as you need it. Try to hit a few sets before having your rest though to get the most rewards from this type of work.

As for diet, well keep it as clean as you can.  Good, clean calories from natural foods as close to nature as possible.


Remember you don't need stacks of time to go to the gym - this 2.5 hours bullshit is totally counterproductive!! Don't waste your time!!


Get in and get out!! Train hard and eat clean!! Sorry folks but there just ain't no magic to it!!! Simple equation - eat less shit, move more heavy shit around!!! Simples!!