Fatty 2 Fitty



Bye Bye Muffin Tops and Bingo Wings!!


If you're like many folks you've probably tried a few diets, supplements and other potions to help you lose weight...The vast majority will work, at least initially, but may leave you feeling out of sorts and worse still out of pocket!! When it comes to the fitness industry, and in particular, the diet industry, it is beset by charlatans, snake oil salesmen and under qualified peddlars of multi level marketing bullshit that plain doesn't work!! No wonder people are paralysed by the wealth of information on offer, and it's often where people get confused and spend fortunes on products that aren't good for them or they don't need in most cases...
Moreover, some of what they ingest is so nutritionally unsound, they'd be better eating the packaging it comes in...


So what am I proposing? A different way forward...I'm not going to tell you it'll be easy and I'm not going to high five you along the way... You need Richard Symons or Mr Motivator for that!!

It'll be hard at times! Really hard!

If it was easy, everyone would look awesome!!

Fact is, it isn't easy!! The approach however really is... The approach is simple in its brilliance (even if I do say so myself ;-))


I offer no magic pills, no short cuts - you'll feel great in short order but you'll need to make it a lifestyle choice... This plan will be great if you have an event to get to fairly soon, like a holiday, a work party, or any kind of social function where you don't want to be a bloater, for instance, a school reunion!!!
Anyways, whatever you have planned this programme will help you look great and feel great but it won't do the work for you!!!
It isn't standing on a vibrating platform and jiggling your wobbly bits, hoping they'll disappear by some magical osmosis!!  
It isn't consuming weird "herbal" remedies based on pseaudo-scientific bollocks that someone put forward and paid other experts to say!!
What it is however is a guide to making the right choices, telling you how to get fitter, LESS fat, LESS bloated, and have MORE energy!!
So if that doesn't sound like it's for you, then that's cool, it probably isn't - you can leave the page and go back to what you've been trying with your friend who has passed you into multi-level marketing schemes etc, with no hard feelings from me... I'd simply wish you all the best...
BUT if you're still here....
Here's the bonus bit - all of this while looking great in the buff!!!
No more skinny fat, emaciated marathon runner look (it really isn't a good look folks)
More muscle tone (cue looking great in clothes and out of them ;-))
More energy
More health
More vitality
LESS fat
LESS wobbly bits

Check out what Hannah had to say:
"The Fatty to Fitty Fortnight is the only nutrition and exercise plan that I have managed to follow and successfully lose a significant amount of weight, and not felt like I have starved myself. I have never felt fitter, stronger or looked leaner, it is very easy to follow and it works!" That was writtne by Hannah from her holiday in Spain - while wearing a bikini for the first time in years!! I shit you not!!

Hannah side before













Hannah side after













Check this statement out from Michael:
"Before the plan I was beginning to feel like I hit a brick wall and found it hard to meet my goal of fat loss and strength gains. After starting the programme, about 4-5 days in I felt re-energised and just better all round. At the end my energy and vitality increased ten fold. I felt I could do anything. I slept better, my mind was clearer, and I looked to be in much better shape. Ultimately, I feel stronger, healthier, and more peaceful within myself... Thanks Barry"

Michael Eccles front before and after













If this feels like something you can get into, and remember it's only a fortnight, then click on the button below to grab yourself a copy...! And take the next step towards looking and feeling fantastic!!

So how much is it? Well for the two PDF manuals that are instantly downloadable, you are not looking at ВЈ96!!

You aren't looking at ВЈ76!!

All you'll pay is ВЈ46

That's right only ВЈ46 for two books that even in isolation will change and enhance your life!!! But you're getting two manuals so you can ATTACK your fat loss journey!!!

If it's not for you then feel free to tune out and wait til next Summer to buy bigger sizes again...


Grab this opportunity with both hands folks!! Pretty soon the price will go up as there'll be a DVD package coming along soon too then you'll have missed out on the chance to get in at this early stage!!!