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thumb Await“Roadwork, roadwork, roadwork!” That has been the battle cry of combat athletes for years...
The image of pounding the streets for your conditioning in the early hours of the morning, the sun just starting to ease it's way through the breaking night, the cold chill in the air and your breath steaming in front of you as you haul yourself through lined up dustbins and recycling boxes with just another 2.5 miles to go... Your mind trying to tell you it is worth it... that improvements in your fitness will be worth it... that your girlfriend really doesn't mind you waking her up at 6.00am as you slam the front door behind you...
Why do you do it you ask yourself?
You try to justify it by telling yourself that at this time of the morning you can avoid the traffic...
The air is cleaner...
You've got your conditioning out of the way...
You have an advantage over your opponent because he is asleep and missing this critical step in his training...
Whatever the reason, and I've heard them all over the years, this form of cardio abuse is doing you no good at all!!!
But, is there a better way?
I hate to spoil your fun - but Rocky was only a film and there really is a better way in real life, and if you read on I will not only prove it to you but show you how to do something about it...
Before I go on I want to share with you 3 facts:
Fact One
Running Effectively Increases Your Body Weight By 4-9 Times!
Because running is basically jumping from one leg to the other (walking has both feet in contact with the ground at certain times) gravity increases the stress going through the joints of your hips by between 4-5 times. However, if you stumble – this force can increase by as much as 9 times!
Now, I don’t know about you but two things strike me (and I don’t mean to be rude) but:
Those people that run trying to lose weight actually may, in effect, end up carrying the weight of eight other heifers’ piggy back style!
Have you ever seen a healthy looking runner? Everyone I see just ends up looking knackered.
Fact Two
Running Shoes Are Designed To Damage Your Legs!
Researchers have proven that running shoes increases the torsional forces through the hip, knee and ankle joints by between 36 – 54 %! 
This means that although modern running shoes may protect the foot they actually increase the likelihood of stress and damage in the joints of the leg! 
And it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing the latest air-flow, spring-loaded, aqua-cushioned, vorsprung durch technik biomechanical wizard or whatever other nonsense the big firms introduce to get your money – you would actually do less damage walking in high-heeled shoes (and to be fair some of the boxers I have seen running after 30 minutes look like they are wearing them already)!
Fact Three
There is a better way!
I have been a personal trainer to the police force, professional fighters, MMA’ers, boxers, judo players and the like for years and the first thing I do is to get them to stop (or at least cut down) the time and distance they cover on roadwork!
Because it doesn’t get them fit, help any of their conditioning, increase their stamina and there are better ways to lose weight!
All that pounding up and down the streets in the early mornings just makes them look like some sort of stalker and knackers their joints!
If they (or you!) want to lose weight, get fit or whatever the aim – I know techniques and circuits that will do just this in half the time it would take with your “normal” training and with better results! 
And 15 of my best strategies and circuits are covered in my ebook “Real Fighters Don’t Run!”
I will cover routines and adaptations for any level of fitness, for any stage of your training cycle and for any body area you are trying to hone, develop or condition!
In “Real Fighters Don’t Run!” I will not only show you why running is losing you fights and ruining your training but I will teach you what to do about it.
For less than the price of a single training session you will get an immediate, instant download that will teach you just what you should be doing plus it will show you circuits and real training that you can do just about anywhere… I will show you training sessions you can do without equipment, with sledges, sandbags, tyres and hammers – a mixed selection so that you won’t get bored but you will get fit! 
With over 60 pages of no fluff, no filler information “Real Fighters Don’t Run!” will cover in detail everything you need to know about running and show you what you should be doing instead.
It is an easy read (I even included pictures for those of you that just like to look at real men doing real training!!!) – but the information in it is priceless. If you apply the techniques and copy the circuits in this book you will not only reap the benefits physically – but also reap them financially – you know as well as I do that the best money comes in the middle and towards the end of a career and if you can extend this time period you will make more money! Period.
So let me just whet your appetite a little and give you a peek into some of the workouts I am sharing:
Workout 1: “The Litvi Sleds”
This is a gruelling full body workout combination of snatches, thrusters and sled drags / prowler pushes that leaves no muscle untouched
Workout 5: “No Kit – No Probs”
Using this unique routine there is nothing that can stop you training!!! Squats, Chins, Push-ups and Squat thrusts! There is no need to leave the house with this one and no excuses can stop you training (except your own lazy butt!) – this is a general, all over physical preparation that will hone in no time….
Workout 9: “Leg Blasting, Arm Cranking Mayhem”
A bag, ball and some gloves and you are all set – this will get you prepped for those long drawn out fights: punch endurance, wrestling position strength are all targeted! With this routine you learn to fight that hydrogen burn (and love it!!!).
Workout 10: “Squat, Pull, Push, Abs, Hurl”
This one is simplicity in itself…. Working all major movements and conditioning at the same time – if this set of exercises and the specific rounds doesn’t get you reduced to a ball of sweat in a matter of minutes then you just ain’t doing it right!!!! 
I could go on but all the time you are reading this and not “Real Fighters Don’t Run!” you just aren’t reaping the benefits! So, click the button below to get the book at the fantastically low price of only £22 and start yourself on a whole new training regime!
Ps. Grab your copy of “Real Fighters Don’t Run!” now and make sure that the next time you are waking your partner up at 6.00 in the morning it isn’t to go running!!! 
Pps. Still undecided? If you are, read what the legendary Joe Hashey of Synergy Athletics says about “Real Fighters Don’t Run!”
"Barry's new ebook is an excellent read. A lot of strength books out there are full of fluff, BUT NOT THIS ONE! Barry identifies an issue and explains exactly how to fix it. His detailed solution was exactly what I was looking for - he even goes as far to identify the best surfaces on which to train! No stone is left unturned! I hope you enjoy this ebook as much as I did."
Joe Hashey, CSCS
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