Combat Strength Ebook

thumb Await"Don't Lift Weights or you'll get slow and sluggish"

 That was the mantra of coaches from various sports up until a few years ago. Fast forward a few years and combat athletes are lifting more iron than ever. The problem now is that some of them are training like bodybuilders inadvertently in some cases but also some prefer the aesthetic appeal of body part splits!
Now the issue is that this type of training provides no real transfer to fight sports...
Building strength is the foundation of all sports but especially combat sports! Great strength allows you to build great power!!

BUT how do you build combat related strength???
The ability to be strong is a must, but what if your strength is only effective for the duration of the muscle contraction???
Deadlifting 800lbs is awesome, but if you need to rest for 5-6 minutes after it isn't going to help in a fight!!!!
We need to build a kind of strength endurance, where we are strong over an extended period of time!!
The answer is in this book!!!!!
COMBAT STRENGTH is a compendium of fight related combat strength training workouts, core strength building and brutal "finisher" workouts!!
The book contains the actual workouts I used to get back into Sambo Wrestling competition, which not only saw me become Scottish Champion, but also allowed me to be picked to represent Team GB at the Sambo World Championships in Lithuania!!!
These workouts will blast your strength and fight fitness through the roof!!!
You will be STRONG for the entire duration of the match - sound good???
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