5 Essential Drills to make you fast as f**k!!

Pull throughs 1What makes an athlete fast? We all have people that spring to mind when we think of speed - but how do they get that fast??

Is it genetic? Is it illegal?? Is it innate??

I believe certain aspects of these qualities can be trained and therefore improved..!

If they can’t why train at all!!!???

So here’s the plan. I'm going to give you drills to make you into a genuine bad arse (not ass!!) mean, lean fight machine!!

Starting with:

5 Drills to make you FASTER!!!


  1. Sled Push – load a sled really heavy and get low and drive!! Dead simple…
  2. Hill sprints – this improves hip flexor and posterior chain strength through the massive drive to power you up the hill. It’s also great for conditioning – check out my book Real Fighters Don’t Run for more info on that!!
  3. Sand Bag Death March – this was covered in Issue 91 – and is a firm favourite at Grapplefit Towers!! Pick up a heavy sand bag and walk forward for a specific distance. The catch is you need a partner standing in front of you resisting the forward drive as you try to walk forward. This is harsh!! Here is a link to the drill -
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d76q0TyuJpk
  5. Resistance band sprints/bear crawls – this is an excellent partner drill to mimic, resist and therefore develop the posterior chain to allow the athlete to train the ability to burst out of the gate so to speak and explode through their opposition!! Here is a link to a video showing this drill:
  6.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsT1Fu8SARY&list=UU18hudWPcHiwd4dAZB7Serw&index=1&feature=plcp
  7. Glute/ham raise – had some awesome success with this as a way to train the hamstrings – this is the only time I really train them as a knee flexor – the hamstrings primary movement is as a hip extensor. But the glute/ham raise is awesome to use… I load up my trap bar to perform them but you can easily use a partner to do these, or go to a gym with a GHD bench.


You may notice that all of the drills in this list hit the posterior chain almost exclusively – that is no surprise. The forward drive we crave so much as athletes and fighters particularly comes from the hamstrings and glutes. These need to be trained and strengthened if a fighter is to develop break neck speed!!


Add these drills into your training programme and watch your speed improve at a rate of knots!!!