Budget Training

Budget training toolsCan’t afford to train..?

Now is the time to be getting outside and enjoying the fresh air – if I had my way, this would be compulsory!! Get outside and get some fresh air, move around lots, lift heavy stuff, carry it, throw stuff about, and sprint!! Maybe not all at the same time!!

The thing is you don’t need to buy any expensive kit either, and that is the focus of this month’s article.
Dragging sleds, running chutes, etc. are a luxury, but not essential to your training.

Bells and whistles like VIPRs, powerbags, and kettlebells are awesome for any gym, but you don’t need to fork out a small fortune on equipment to get into the best brutal wrecking-machine shape of your life.  

This time of year, I get the 20 litre water bottles out, the sledgehammers, tyres, and sandbags.

What follows for you loyal Grapplefit Fans are a couple of workouts to try with improvised kit. Before we get into it, check this out, the attached photo of all the kit shows a tyre for throwing, one for beating with a sledgehammer and dragging, one for flipping and box jumps and of course a hammer, sandbags and sand-filled water bottles.

The total cost for the equipment in the picture was around £20, which was for the hammer, and sand.  Everything else came free of charge!! Tyres generally cost nothing, as garage owners have to pay to have the old ones taken away, so they’ll be glad to let you have as many as you like. The water bottles were donated, and the sandbags are heavy duty contractor bags. Kegs, you may get some from a local bar manager or from an off-licence. Simple stuff, a bit of goodwill and charm!! No expensive gym memberships needed and no need to suffer the “vest and beanie hat wearing” A-hole with the tiny arms who insists on doing preacher curls in the squat rack!!

So here goes:

Car tyre overhead toss – 6 reps
Sprint back to the sledgehammer
Sledgehammer strikes – 10 reps each way
Rinse and repeat for maximum rounds in 20 mins

The workout above will be awesome in developing your work capacity and explosiveness throughout your posterior chain.

Next try this one:

Farmers walk with the bottles – 100m
Keg burpee clean & press – 8 reps
Sand bag squat – 8 reps
Clap push-ups – 8 reps
Tyre drag – 50m

Again strive for a maximum number of rounds in a certain time frame. Or you could repeat the movements to mimic a fighting time frame.

You’ll get a good deal of strength endurance from these routines, and they’ll make an excellent change of pace from your usual gym programmes. Plus you’ll get the benefit of fresh air and an easy time on your pocket – so that’s a win-win-win-win all over I reckon!!